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Egress Window Disadvantages

Like all good things, egress windows do have two distinct disadvantages that homeowners should know about before undertaking this project. We will detail these disadvantages to give you a better idea of the cons - make sure to read our article on egress window advantages because these projects can be awesome when done correctly.

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Project Price

No one likes having to spend additional money - remodeling a basement is no exception. However, for homeowners who are renovating their basement for a living space (this is a broad definition because basements can be used for so many purposes), an egress window is required by law. Egress window prices range from $2300 to $6000 for the entire project and the window installed - not typically an investment to be taken lightly. While they certainly add to the overall value of a home (either for resale or for the rental potential of the space), it is an out of pocket expense that must be financed up front. Calculate your project price here.

Security Issues

A window is much easier to break than a wall (a sort of obvious conclusion) - egress windows are at ground level so it doesn't take much for a burglar to break this window (although it isn't as if this window is any less difficult to break than any other first floor window of a home). Basement windows are sometimes seen as an easier target because basements are often less frequented than other parts of a home like the kitchen or living room. It should be pointed out that newer windows are much more secure than older windows so a burglar may be put off by the newer, more durable egress window. A good idea is to keep the door locked from the home to the basement to br entry to the home from any would be burglars.