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Egress Windows Prices

Egress windows prices start at $2,000 and go as high as $6,000 - this obviously is for the entire project, which involves some serious work. The egress window itself should cost no more than a typical casement or slider, which are the two more popular types used due to egress building code requirements.

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Range Of Egress Windows Prices

Here are egress windows prices for three different levels of projects. The pricing includes the window itself, all materials and labor, as well as professional installation by a licensed contractor. Browse below for a breakdown of the prices step by step.

Entry Level: $2,000 to $3,000
This includes egress, all labor, materials and installation.

Mid Range: $3,000 to $4,500
This includes the window, all labor, materials and installation

Premium Egress Windows Prices: $4,500 to $6000
This includes window, all labor, materials and installation

Dig Out The Exterior

The egress window must be able to open completely, which typically cannot happen because there is dirt or landscaping blocking where the window will go. This area needs to be excavated and cleared, allowing for a 36" by 36" space that is completely open and fully allows for the window to open and an adult (or firfighter with equipment) to exit or enter.

Cost Range: $300 to $800

Install The Window Well

Once the exterior is clear, a window well needs to be inserted and secured to make sure that the exterior area stays clear. This part of the project will vary based on how low the egress window is in relation to the ground level. Some homeowners opt for gradual steps and do not require an actual window well becuase they have a very wide open space. Other projects are very steep and use concrete that must be framed, poured and set to create the window well. Still others use a strong plastic prefabricated well insert.

Cost Range: $500 to $2000

Cut The Basement Hole In The Wall

Basements do not typically have a large opening in one of the walls, but this is obviously what is needed to have an egress window. The contractor will need to cut a hole through the basement wall to create the rough opening. Particular care must be paid in order to avoid hitting a utility or water line.

Cost Range: $600 to $1,200

Frame Out The Window

Once you have the hole in the wall, the frame needs to be inserted to create the rough opening. The frame will have to properly support the window and must be at least 20" in width and 24" in height.

Cost Range: $400 to $1000

Secure The Window

The final step is to insert, secure, seal and caulk the window inside the rough opening. Many installers will use a sill pan on the bottom exterior for an added moisture barrier. Flashing around the outside of the window is also recommended as another way to keep out moisture.

Cost Range: $500 to $1000