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Egress Window Calculator

Our egress window calculator (found here to the right) can help you find pricing information for your next project. Enter your frame selection, the product quality or grade of manufacturer, along with the type of installation and the number of windows in your project and hit go! Our egress window calculator will provide a price estimate based on your selections. In general, egress windows will run anywhere from $2000 to $6,000 for the window and professional installation. Also check out our sizing calculator for more cost by size and style.

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Entry Level Pricing

This includes the egress window itself, all labor, materials and installation. This price point will typically be for a smaller premade window well, casement window and a simple dig out to prep the exterior space.

-- Low End Egress Windows Cost: $2000 to $3,000 --

Economy Egress Window Pricing

Mid Range Pricing

This includes the window, all labor, materials and installation and may use concrete or wood steps on the exterior, along with some decorative touches to the outside. It will probably be a larger opening than the entry level price point and may involve some heavy cutting in the basement walls to get the rough opening needed for the egress window.

-- Mid Range Egress Windows Cost: $3,000 to $4,500 --

Premium Egress Windows Pricing

This includes window, all labor, materials and installation. This premium price point will involve a step down entrance and proper drainage at the bottom, along with some nice landscaping or decorative touches to make the outside of the egress as nice as the inside. The window opening will typically be large and may use a combination of windows - the most popular if which is a fixed middle window with two casement windows on the outside. Check out our top five project list for great ideas and visuals.