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Egress Window Advantages

Egress windows offer lots of advantages over well...not having an emergency exit and entrance access. Egress doors or windows are required for all basements that are used for living spaces. If the basement is simply a storage space, then no egress is required by law (in most cases, always check with your city and state for specific requirements). We will go over the three most popular advantages that basement windows provide.

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Increased Safety

This is by far the most important advantage that egress windows - they provide an emergency entrance and exit into a finished basement space. Without this, any fire or other event that blocks the door to the first floor of a home could be deadly for anyone in the basement. This is why egress windows are required by law. They increase the safety for a family or for anyone such as a renter who might be using the basement as a living area.

Increased Value

An egress window can be pricey - projects range from $2300 to $6000 for the entire project and window. However, these projects increase the overall value of a home, especially if the exterior area outside the egress is landscaped in a way that elevates the curb appeal of a home. They are almost always added to a home in conjunction with a basement renovation, which also increases the value of a home, regardless if it is used as an additional room or for a rental space.

Increased Light And Ventilation

Basements are almost by default rather dark spaces. Placing a window in one or more exterior wall provides added light that will brighten the space considerably. While basement renovations almost always include canned or track lighting, they can't compare to natural light. The egress makes for a more normal feeling room with nice natural light and, when the window is opened, provides a nice air flow that can be invaluable during the hot summer months.