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Finding a quality egress window contractor can be a challenge. Here are five steps to finding a local professional who knows their stuff.

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Get Three Bids

In order to understand the costs involved in this project, it's first necessary to get several bids. Consumers are always amazed at the huge price ranges for the exact same job. After 20 years in this business, so am! It's worth exploring why this is. Companies and/or contractors can bid a project any way they want - they can throw out a number they know is ridiculous in hopes that the unsuspecting homeowner bites. That is the sad truth of this industry. So get a few bids - at least three. My rule of thumb is this - keep getting bids until you know the fair market price of your particular project.

Ask Questions

When the contractors or companies are giving you the bid, ask as many questions as possible. The information is free and the more you know, the better decision you can make. Plus, they will think you are truly interested in hiring them, which you very well might be. One of the big goals at this stage is to understand what steps are involved to get the rough opening ready for the window. (Check out this page to see the installation steps required for an egres window.) You are also trying to guage the quality and size of the window they recommend. On your second and third bids, make sure to get a quote for several window sizes to help you compare the bids in the next step.

Compare The Bids

Take all three bids and do a side by side comparison. This is not as easy as it sounds. Typically, the bids will be for a different brand and model of window and very possibly for different sized windows. Hopefully, the companies bid out the project on similar sized openings (different window styles i.e. casements, double hungs, etc. will require different sizes to meet code.) Once you compare the bids, you very well might have a clear cut winner, good for you. If you don't, go to step 4.

Call In The Pros

Go online and find a home window forum where contractors answer questions. Sign up and post your project details and ask for opinions on the overall cost, as well as what these guys think about the brand and model of window recommended to you. Most contractors who help run these forums offer unbiased opinions (okay it's biased, but it's an honest opinion from a seasoned pro who has no economic interest in your project). The more details you add in your posting and the more specific your questions to them, the better response you will get. They will either tell you that you have one or more good bids, or that you need to continue to get more bids to find a better option.

Make The Call

Step five is simply the cumulation of all your hard work. You should feel good about the scope of the work proposed and the brand and model of window they are going to install. Be sure the installer has good reviews or ratings online or with the BBB. Ask for a reference or two and check them. If possible, see their work on a basement egress window to make sure it looks professional and has held up over time. Call the company up and ink the deal - if you follow these steps, you should be quite happy with your new basement window.