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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a good option for egress windows, although generally a second choice to casement windows. They are not terribly expensive, provide lots of light and open and close very easily.

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Sliding windows provide a nice open option that is perfect for anyone looking for lots of natural light because they are wider as opposed to taller. They therefore fit well in a basement space, which is also usually much wider and lacks height. These windows will usually be larger than a casement (see code requirement below), again providing a nice big area for both light and ventilation. Sliding windows open and close by sliding one of the lites side to side. Sliders are usually easy to install and are typically less expensive than similar sized double hungs.


There are not many disadvantages to sliding windows for an egress opening, except if you are dealing with a smaller basement space and you want to minimize the size of the window. In these cases, a casement is going to be your best option because nearly the entire glass area opens, whereas roughly half of a horizontal slider opens and closes. This means you will need a larger window frame to meet the code requirement for an egress opening - here is the minimum size according to code - 4' wide & 4' tall.

Sliding Window Cost

Expect sliding windows to run $300 to $800 (not including the installation or renovation), depending on the size of the window, the type of frame material, the quality of the glass package and the upgrades and hardware used on the unit. $300 to $800 installed